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Y.L. Chu, K. Storey, P.J. Veugelers.
Involvement in meal preparation at home is associated with better diet quality among Canadian children. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior August 2013 in press
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McMartin SE, Willows ND, Colman I, Ohinmaa A, Storey K, Veugelers PJ.
Diet quality and feelings of worry, sadness or unhappiness in canadian children Can Journal of Public Health. 2013; 104: 322-3
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H. Chahal, C. Fung, S. Kuhle, PJ Veugelers
Availability and night-time use of electronic entertainment and communication devices are associated with short sleep duration and obesity among Canadian children. Pediatric Obesity 2013; 8: 42-51
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Y.L. Chu, A. Farmer, C. Fung, S. Kuhle, P. Veugelers
Fruit and vegetable preference and intake of grade 5 children in Alberta. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 2013; 74: 21-27
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Wu XY, Ohinmaa A, Johnson JA, Veugelers PJ.
Assessment of children's own health status using visual analogue scale and descriptive system of the EQ-5D-Y: linkage between two systems. 2013 July Epub ahead of print
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K.A. Vander Ploeg, K. Maximova, A. Simen-Kapeu, S. Kuhle, P.J. Veugelers
The Importance of Parental Beliefs and Support for Physical Activity and Body Weights of Children: A population-based approach. Canadian Journal of Public Health 2012; 103(4): 277 - 281
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B.X. Tran, A. Nair, S. Kuhle, A. Ohinmaa, P.J. Veugelers
Cost analyses of obesity in Canada: Scope, Quality, and Implications. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation. 2013; 11(1):3
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Chu YL, Farmer A, Fung C, Kuhle S, Storey KE, Veugelers PJ
Involvement in home meal preparation is associated with food preference and self-efficacy among Canadian children. Public Health Nutrition, 2012.
    file: Chu,_Farmer_et_al_2012.pdf
R. Pabayo, K. Maximova, J Spence, K. Vander Ploeg, B. Wu, P.J. Veugelers
The Importance of Active Transportation to and from School for Daily Physical Activity Among Children. Preventive Medicine 2012; 55(3): 196 - 200
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